The international and interdisciplinary research project Tracing Bosch and Bruegel – Four Paintings Magnified aims to discover the origin and the inventor of the composition, the date, place and author of each individual repetition of the composition in a close collaborative work of conservators, conservation scientists and art historians. The multifaceted scientific and art-historical  research of the paintings will grant us more information on the 16th-century practice of making copies and replicas in the Netherlands, in addition to offering valuable new insights about the art market and taste of the period.

The goals of the research project include contribution to the current study of Boschian art; refinement of identification of workshop practises during this period; investigation of the 16th- and 17th-century Netherlandish art market, with particular regard to the practice and demand for copies and replicas. However, an important part will also be to explain to a larger public the genesis of the works, the process of making art and of the complex nature of preserving our common cultural heritage.



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05. Apr 2012, Tallinn

Bosch and Bruegel film contest


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