Art Detectives: Investigating Bosch and Bruegel

(Glasgow, 23.11.2012-28.02.2013)

The Glasgow version of the exhibition is now open.

For more information see the Glasgow Museums website.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum
Argyle Street, Glasgow G3 8AG
0141 276 9599


Previous exhibitions:


Illuminated - tracing Bosch and Bruegel

(Copenhagen, 04.05.2012-21.10.2012)

The Copenhagen exhibition allowed visitors to explore multimedia content through touchscreens, films and didactic displays. The Copenhagen painting was on display, as well as life-sized replicas of all four paintings. The exhibition was based around a tableau of a contemporary conservation laboratory in one room, and a sixteenth-century painter's workshop in the next. Young people from the ULK programme - part of the gallery's education department - were involved in the overall design and concept of this innovative, and almost text-free, exhibition.

Bosch and Bruegel. Four Paintings Magnified

(Tallinn, 21.11.2011-04.03.2012)

The Tallinn exhibition brought together all four paintings and displayed them side by side with visualised research and interactive didactic materials.


               Watch the exhibition video:

Conservation blog

05. Apr 2012, Tallinn

Bosch and Bruegel film contest


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